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Burner with dual and triple fuel

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What are double and triple fuel burners?

In this article, we will answer the following questions regarding dual and triple fuel burners.

What is the definition of double and triple fuel burner?

What is the definition of dual fuel burner?
How does the triple fuel burner work?
What are the types of burners with dual fuel?
What is the use of a burner with triple fuel?
What are the important features of dual fuel burner?
What are the important advantages of dual fuel burners?
What are the technical specifications of the burner with dual fuel?
What are the components of a dual fuel burner?

What is the warranty of a dual fuel burner?
What are double and triple fuel burners?

A burner that works with more than one fuel is called a dual or triple fuel burner.

Normally, dual-fuel burners work with gas and diesel fuels, and triple-fuel burners work with diesel, gas, and diesel.

Dual fuel burner performance

A dual fuel burner is a device that converts fuel energy into heat energy by combining a certain amount of fuel and air.

Dual fuel burners have the ability to work with two different types of fuel, that’s why they are also called dual fuel burners.

The type of these fuels can be both liquid, one gas and one liquid, or one gas and one solid, etc.

Dual fuel burners usually work with gas and diesel fuels.

For this reason, in the Iranian market, dual fuel torches are mostly referred to as gas and diesel fuel torches.

Dual fuel burners with a key on them, the fuel consumption can be changed and you can change gas fuel to diesel and vice versa.

Due to the use of two types of fuel (gas-diesel), these burners have all the equipment used in gas and diesel burners (gas solenoid valve, diesel pump and electronic eye).

Dual fuel burner applications

For use in building heating systems
Used in factories, in boilers and melting materials
This type of burner is widely used due to the use of two types of fuel and is used in steel and cast iron boilers.

Important features of dual burners:

No damper motor
Has a control relay
No need for electrical panels
It has a flame monitoring system
Having high thermal efficiency
Capacity of 280,000 kcal per hour

Advantages of using a dual fuel burner

In fact, it can be said that the burner with dual fuel is the heart of any heating system.

Because it provides an unlimited and uniform flame, this burner is very useful and suitable for use in places that have high pressure drop and there is a possibility of gas cutoff.

Some of these benefits are:

High Quality
High and unique efficiency
Easy installation
No sound pollution
Uniform flame production
Creating proportion in air and fuel mixture
Helping the boiler to increase steam production
High safety and security of burner with double boiler fuel
Can be used in areas that do not have access to gas

Technical specifications of the burner with dual fuel

Get to know the technical specifications of some dual fuel burners.

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Dual fuel burner components

In this section, you will get to know some of the components of dual fuel burners.

fuel pump
Safety solenoid valve
Gas solenoid valve
Diesel electric valve
Flame detector

Warranty and after-sales service of dual-burner burners

This product has 12 months warranty and 10 years after sales service.

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