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Fuel oil burner

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What is a Fuel oil burner?

In this article, we will answer the following questions about the diesel burner, which is one of the types of boiler burners.

What is the definition of a fuel burner?
How does a fuel burner work?
What are the uses of a diesel burner?
What are the technical specifications of the fuel burner?
What are the components of a diesel burner?
What is the warranty and after-sales service of the diesel burner?
What is fuel oil?

What is a Fuel oil burner?

In diesel burners, fuel pulverization is done by a nozzle.
And besides, the nozzle must create these drops with a special pattern.
The pulverized fuel flow must exit the nozzle around a certain angle and the distribution of fuel droplets in it should be uniform.
The most common pattern of this process is the conical pattern. The fuel pulverization process requires energy.
In the first stage, this energy enters the system in the form of pressure through the fuel pump of the burner, and then it is quickly converted.
If you use a diesel burner, note that it is necessary to install a pre-heater (fuel) in order to prevent freezing of diesel in cold weather.

How does a diesel burner work?

These types of burners produce the necessary flame and heat through diesel fuel and mixing it with air.
The way diesel burners work is that the diesel fuel is turned into powder by the nozzle, and the nozzles distribute the powdered diesel fuel outside in a special way.

Spraying powdered fuel needs to exit the nozzle in a certain range with a specified and appropriate angle, so that the fuel droplets are distributed uniformly.

Usually, the most appropriate way to spray fuel in diesel burners is in the form of a conical pattern.

The burner needs energy to pulverize diesel fuel. The energy required to perform the fine process is supplied through the fuel pump.

Since diesel fuel is in liquid form, a pre-heater is used in this burner to prevent diesel fuel from freezing in winter.

Applications of diesel burners in industries:

Diesel fuel burners are used in industrial uses that require a large volume of hot water and hot steam.

Industries such as:

Wood Industry
Food industry
Painting industries
Hot oil boilers
Large hot air dryers

Technical specifications of the fuel burner

In this section, the technical specifications of diesel burners are stated based on the burner model

Components of a Fuel oil burner

Here you will learn about some important components of a diesel burner

Fuel filter:

This filter is used to protect the sediment and rust of the pipe and foreign materials and particles into the existing gas.

Gas switch pressure:

It is used to control the operation of the gas.

Air pressure switch:

It is responsible for controlling the air flow necessary for combustion.

Control relay:

It is responsible for controlling the work of the burner in such a way that by monitoring the stage burners, it has a pilot and by coordinating the different stages until the main flame occurs, it gives a warning in case of any problem.

Air adjustment damper:

Adjusting the intake air is used for combustion.

Spark transformer:

Its task is to create a spark and as a result create a flame.

Warranty and after-sales service of the fuel burner:

Mazuti burners have a 12-month warranty and 10-year after-sales service.

What is fuel oil?

Fuel oil is one of the petroleum hydrocarbons obtained during the refining of crude oil, gasoline and kerosene, and it is in a liquid state.

Fuel fuel is a type of fuel oil that has low quality and high viscosity and is used in thermal power plants and similar cases.

One of the cases where diesel fuel is used is in the burner device

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