boiler equiepments

What accessories does the boiler have?

What accessories does the boiler have?

A boiler has various accessories .

Having the boiler equipped with these accessories and their correct operation will ensure the correct and safe operation of the boiler.

The existence of many of these accessories is necessary and mentioned in the standard. In this article, we try to learn about the performance of each of these accessories.

Additional boiler equipment includes:


The boiler burner is one of the main components, but it is separate from the boiler, which is installed on it after the boiler is built.

The main function of the burner is to convert fuel into thermal energy. Steam boilers can work with burners with different fuels.

The most important fuels used in boilers are gas, diesel and fuel oil.

Therefore, it is possible to choose a boiler with gas burner, diesel burner, double burner and diesel, and triple burner of gas and diesel.

The pump is another equipment of the boiler.

The function of the pump in the boiler is to supply and inject the water required for the boiler.

The pump should be able to compensate the amount of water that turns into steam in the boiler and prevent the water level of the boiler from decreasing.

The feed pump of steam boilers is usually stainless steel.

Also, a one-way valve is needed after the pump to prevent the return of steam from the boiler to the pump and damage to the pump.

feeding valve

The feed valve is installed after the pump and before the boiler.

This valve has a check valve and prevents water or steam from returning to the pump.

This valve should always be fully open so that water can easily enter the boiler.

After draining and stopping the pump, the one-way valve prevents water or steam from returning to the pump.

water level indicator in boiler

The Water level is responsible for showing the water level inside the pot.

According to the boiler capacity and according to the standard, the number of boiler Water level will be one or two.

Water level indicators are produced in two ways: magnetic or glass, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages.

Level Control

The level controller is responsible for controlling the water level inside the boiler.

These controllers are designed in such a way that all necessary controls to turn off and on the feed pump, turn on and off the burner and warning of the low water level are performed automatically.

Level control drain valve

This valve, which is installed under the level controllers, and is also called a step discharge valve.

It is responsible for cleaning and completely emptying the floating chamber and the water and steam connections of the surface control from sediments.


Manometer or pressure gauge installed on the collector of control equipment is responsible for showing the steam pressure of the boiler.

It is recommended to perform annual calibration operations to ensure correct operation and accurate display of pressure by the manometer.

safety valve

The function of safety valve is to reduce mechanical pressure.

The standard with the boiler capacity and according to the standard, installing one or two safety valves on the boiler is mandatory.

The fan valve can be single or cycle.

If, for any reason, none of the electronic boiler control systems work and the pressure of the device exceeds the permissible limit, in order to prevent the explosion, the safety valves installed on the boiler are activated mechanically and with the release of excess steam and Reducing pressure prevents accidents.

Main steam outlet valve

In steam boilers, this valve is installed as the main valve in the steam exit path in the upper part of the boiler, in order to disconnect, connect and adjust the steam exit flow.

drain valve

This valve is installed as a drain valve at the lowest end point of the boiler, for blow down and emptying water and sediments.

It is necessary to drain the valve at least every 4 hours when the boiler is active When the boiler is under pressure, it is opened for 15 seconds to drain the sediments inside the boiler and prevent the accumulation of sediments.

Sampling valve

Another accessory is the boiler

Considering the importance of water quality and its hardness in steam boilers, the sampling valve is used to facilitate the sampling and testing of boiler water.


Boiler accessories are parts that are installed on industrial boilers. These parts activate and most importantly secure the industrial boiler and control it.

Boiler room accessories is the equipment that is placed in the boiler room.

accessories of the boiler room includes condensation source, make-up, blowdown source, deaerator, hardener, chemical injection package, control panel.

Other auxiliary equipment of boiler room includes boiler room valves. such as automatic valves, tee valves, pneumatic valves, steam traps, gate valves, ball valves, globe valves, etc.

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