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What equipment does the hot water boiler room have?


What accessories does the hot water boiler room have?

In this article, the following questions will be answered about the accessories of the boiler room of the hot water boiler.

Additional accessories of the hot water boiler room includes the following:

What is the tank of expansion?

Open expansion tank

Closed expansion tank

Coil source

Air Separator

Air separator accessories

Advantages of using Air Separator

Diesel storage source

Features of the diesel storage source

Guide to choosing the source of storage and diesel
Hot water boiler accessories

This accessories includes: open expansion tank, closed expansion tank, water storage source (coil source), diesel storage source and air separator.

Expansion tank

This is another accessories of hot water boiler room.

The expansion tank is a tank that balances the excess pressure of heated fluids and compensates for the lack of circulating water in central heating systems. There are different types of expansion tanks, which are generally divided into two categories: open expansion tanks and closed expansion tanks.

Open expansion tank

These sources are tanks that are directly connected to the open air.

And in fact, the pressure of the air brought in from outside is applied on their surface and the circulating liquids in them.

The open expansion source should always be placed at a height higher than the last heat exchanger in the building. so that it can balance the pressure of the entire system in the best possible way and prevent water wastage.

For this reason, these types of tanks are usually installed on the roof. To maintain their height compared to other components of the heating system and to be in direct contact with the air.

Closed expansion tank

As its name suggests, it is a source that does not exchange with the open air.

And the pressure in the tank is provided by a mechanism with air cushions or a gas like nitrogen.

The closed expansion tank consists of a tank in which a part for placing an inert gas is embedded.

In the other part, there is a part for entering the circulating water in the heating system.

In this type of tanks, the pressure of the system is adjusted by creating a balance between the pressure of the gaseous part and the circulating water.

For this reason, closed expansion tanks should be installed in parts in the boiler room or near the boiler and should be located at a height higher than the water inlet of the boiler.

The coil source is another accessories of the hot water boiler room.

Coil source is a simpler type of shell and tube heat exchangers.

Coil sources are used to produce and store hot water for domestic, commercial and light and semi-heavy industrial purposes.

The main working mechanism of the coil source is that the water heated by the boiler in the system flows into the coils.

And it causes the temperature of the incoming cold water that flows between the coils inside the source to increase.

The coil tank consists of a vertical or horizontal metal cylinder depending on the space of the boiler room, two convex lenses at the top and bottom and one or more coiled strings.

The body of the coil source is made of hot galvanized sheet, which can be produced from 3 to 16 mm thick depending on the dimensions of capacity, pressure, etc.

Coils can be made of copper, steel or galvanized according to the type of use. The external shape of the coiled source is also spiral, and U-shaped.

Air Separator

Air separator is a device for separating and removing air dissolved in water, which is used in heating systems with hot water boilers.

Air separator with stainless steel filter reduces the level of fluid tension and removes solid pollutant particles suspended in the air, the deposition of which causes reduction of heat transfer and failure of system components and increases noise from the system.

By separating air dissolved in water, the operating cost of the system is reduced and the life of the accessories is increased.

Air separator equipment

inlet valve

outlet valve

Drain valve for draining

Internal strainer made of stainless steel

Advantages of using Air Separator

Protection of the heating system and transmission and pumping equipment against waste such as cavitation

Remove noise from the system

Providing better heat transfer

Reduce energy costs

Diesel storage source

To store fuel, a source with a suitable capacity is needed to be able to answer the fuel consumption of the burner for a certain period of time.

The volume of this resource depends on the amount of fuel consumed by the burner and when it is necessary to have fuel in reserve.

Features of the diesel storage source

1.The length of the fuel pump suction line should not be more than 30 meters.
2.The underground liquid fuel tank must be installed on solid foundations.
3.Underground steel tanks must have ground connections.

Guide to choosing the source of storage and diesel

1. Diesel storage resources can be produced in the form of rectangular cubes according to the needs of the projects.

2. In fuel storage sources, to control the fluid level, a floating valve is needed in the floater or control valve.

3. The fuel storage source is used horizontally, aerially and on the ground based on the type of application.

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