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What is a gas burner?

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What is a gas burner?

In this article, the following questions about what a gas burner is will be answered.

What is the definition of a gas burner?
What is the use of a gas burner?
What are the types of gas burners?
How does the gas burner work?
What are the components of a gas burner?
What are the technical specifications of the gas burner?
What is the warranty and after-sales service of a gas burner?

What is a gas burner?

One of the most widely used torches is the gas torch. These types of burners are designed for natural gas combustion.

The gas burner is an important component in the heating of engine rooms, that’s why the most common main heating factor in engine rooms is this gas burner.

The amount of gas fuel required in this type of burner is controlled by an electric valve after passing through the gas filter, and the air required for their combustion is provided by a blower installed on the engine.

Air control in gas burners is done by dampers. which is manual in small burners and motor-controlled in large burners.

In this type of burners, due to the flame spreader located at the exit of the fuel nozzle, it stabilizes and evens out the flame.

With the formation of the flame, there is a rod in its path, which generates an electric current due to heat interaction with it, which in case of any change in this current causes the flame to be extinguished.

Types of gas burners:

Gas burners are divided into 2 types in terms of performance:

They are divided into types with blowers or fans, and types without fans (no sound). The burners used in apartment packages are gas-type without blowers and are silent.

Performance of gas burners:

The operation of the gas burner is that the gas flow passes through a filter, mixes with the combustion air and is ready for combustion.

If the combustion air pressure is lower than a certain limit or the fuel flow is higher or lower than the desired value, this issue is sensed by the pressure sensors built into the burner and the burner is turned off by a control relay.

Applications of gas burner:

The main job of a gas burner is to create heating, and we have mentioned some of its important uses below.

Can be used in all types of boilers and industrial boilers such as (hot water boiler)
Can be used in the melting pot of materials, according to their working capacity
Can be used in heating systems as a combustion engine for boilers
It can be used in the heating and hot water system used in engine houses (steam boiler).

Gas burner components:

The gas burner consists of sensitive parts that can be damaged by any contamination and impurity in the fuel.

Some components of a gas burner

Fire pipe
Air adjustment screw
Spark electrode cable
Gas pressure control switch
Ionization rod cable

Technical specifications of the gas burner:

In this part, the technical specifications of the gas burner are stated based on the burner model.

مشخصات فنی مشعل گازسوز

Warranty, after-sales service and effective factors during the life of the gas burner:

This product has 12 months warranty and 10 years after sales service.

Factors that increase the lifespan of a gas burner include:

1.The minimum height of the chimney from the roof floor should be 1m
2.A good combustion does not have any smell or smoke
3.Note that the burner must be installed horizontally and level
4.It is necessary to install a wind deflector at the end of the chimney
5.Make sure that there is no leakage in the path of the gas pipe to the burner and that the connection between the gas pipe and the burner must be done through a gas filter.

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